2007_06_badge.gifPolice continued to search for the rapist who attacked a 25-year-old police officer in her Bay Ridge home on Wednesday night. The Daily News reports that the masked rapist "pushed an air-conditioning unit into the home, crawled through the opening and waited inside the apartment for his victim to arrive." The victim lived on the third-floor - that is freaking scary.

Apparently the rapist hid in a closet until the cop, who works as a domestic abuse officer, came home and threatened her at knifepoint. The police have been investigating the victim's cases and former boyfriends for leads; her current boyfriend is a cop who apparently responded to the crime on Wednesday night. The police are also questioning construction workers who had been installing windows in the victim's building. The Post reports the she did not have her gun with her (she left it at the station) and that she called fellow officer, who then called 911.

Neighbors continued to express their shock at the crime, especially since it happened during rush hour on a busy street. One said, "She wouldn't hurt anybody, she's a nice lady. She's quiet. She keeps to herself," while a friend said, "This happened in rush hour. This doesn't happen in Bay Ridge. It's shocking. This is absolutely, freaking shocking."

Community Board 10 District Manager Josephine Beckmann told the Brooklyn Paper, "We are a quiet, low-crime community and so this kind of crime is shocking and really upsetting." And a 61-year-old neighbor told Newsday a tip she got from a cop when she moved to Bay Ridge two decades ago: "There's a small bureau right inside my door. I keep a $20 bill on top of it. When I walk in, if that $20 isn't there, I'm not going in. I'm leaving."