A cocktail waitress at Lower East Side club, BLVD, was raped in a backstage VIP room by two men on Saturday night. The two men, one Long Island resident with an arrest record (though not for violent crime) and the other from NJ, allegedly cornered the waitress, who tried to leave but then fell unsconscious. One of BLVD's security guards was able to apprehend a suspect after BLVD employees found the victim naked and unconscious. The Post also notes that the waitress might have been drugged. The VIP room where the attack took place is reserved for the musicians who perform there (Saturday night's performer was Norah Jones) and friends of the owners; police are trying to figure out how the men were able to get access to the room. The men were arraigned for first degree rape and first degree assault.

This is terrible. It's also curious, since it does seem like these clubs have a lot of bouncers and people staffed to make sure people aren't allowed into VIP areas. We hope people, especially women, will stick to bigger groups (which is hard if you're working at a club, but perhaps try to work with others around?) when out and about and try to remain alert. Also, self-defense classes are not a bad idea.