2007_03_thegame.jpgThe incident where a 14-year-old boy was allegedly assaulted by rapper Tony Yayo for wearing a Czar Entertainment t-shirt (Yayo's management company's rival) has now entered the third phase. The first phase was outcry and denial from both sides. The second phase was a press conference held by the Reverend Al Sharpton decrying the violence of the rap industry. And the third phase is the inevitable rap song.

The Game, who is managed by Czar Entertainment and is rivals with 50 Cent's G-Unit (Yayo is a member), wrote a song called "Body Bags," and calls out Yayo and 50 Cent. EURweb.com describes the song

Using Jim Jones-like background words to punctuate the lines, Game raps: “What kind of b*tch n*gga put his hands on kids (Homo!)/Pull up that black van on his (No!)/We don’t do the kid slappin’; we do the kid snatchin’/Eyewitness news, it’s been a kidnappin’. …Nah, we don’t get down like that/But 50’s mama we’ll put you in the ground like that (Curtis!).

Toward 50 Cent, Game says: “It’s on now, better call Dr. Ben and Russell/Set up a peace treaty, or go get some muscle/Call them Lighty brothers, call all your little flunkies/Call the snitch hotline and get the G-Unit monkeys/Call the cops, I’m still a hundred miles and runnin’/Then call God, and tell him that yo’ ass is comin’.”

One rumor was that 50 Cent was present when the 14-year-old (who is the son of a Czar owner Jimmy "The Henchman" Rosemond) was assaulted on West 25th, but 50 claims he was in Connecticut. He defended Yayo on Hot 97 and discussed the "Ban 50" protest earlier this week: "He didn't hit the kid. I don't even know if he was there. It's the same group that put together the 'G-Unot' campaign. Why would you ban 50 if I am not involved in the actual situation? It's showing that it's from the same camp, with the same intentions. When it comes to civil, you don't have to worry about G-Unit. You have to worry about the J-J-J-J-J-Jew Unit. When the lawyers come out, we gonna see what it is." Huh. What would 50's lawyer Ben Brafman think of that?

The Game and 50 Cent were involved in a rap war two years ago that included shots being fired outside Hot 97 and big checks being exchanged to show they were civil. The Post pointed out that at the press conference, City Councilman Charles Barron said, "This is the kind of stuff that leads to the Tupac-Biggie Smalls kind of ending." But how tough is 50 Cent when he pushes an annoying America's Next Top Model contestant into a pool?