To celebrate the occasion of a gang of toothless millionaires pushing a disc around for glory (and money), the New York Rangers sponsored a flight from La Guardia to Newark yesterday, and the Times (with a photographer!) was on hand to witness the five minute flight. Reporter and Rangers fan Tony Gervino writes that the whole trip, "door to door," took five hours, "almost twice as long as the game itself." And what about the fact that Delta and the Rangers just spewed a ton of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, not to mention all the people who had to drive to the airport because they—WOOOOO GO RANGERS!

Say what you will about a tube full of hockey fans breathing fetid air—including Hall of Famer Rod Gilbert—they can sure sniff out the nerd:

As the airplane taxied to what I had secretly hoped would be the arena, a man wedged in next to me. Wearing an Adam Graves jersey that was stained with what I prayed was ketchup or fruit juice, he leaned over and said, “Hey, buddy, you’re not a Devils fan flying incognito, are you?”

Sadly, the Devils don't seem to be planning to build a Waterworld-esque ship piloted by a Dennis Hopper impersonator to sail from Jersey City and dock at West 34th Street for Game 6.

Gervino does the flight justice in the article's kicker, courtesy of a fan's wife:

“When I saw the e-mail, I thought it was spam, or even a joke. I said, ‘What idiot is going to fly from La Guardia to Newark?’ And Dave was like, ‘Surprise!’ ”