Last night the Rangers defeated the Montreal Canadiens in the Eastern Conference Finals to make their way to the Stanley Cup Finals. Madison Square Garden filled with red, white and blue confetti as the team took to the ice and celebrated their return to the Cup after a 20 year absence.

The game winning goal (the only goal last night) was made by 33-year-old Dominic Moore, who is in his first season back since the death of his wife in January 2013.

The Rangers will start out on their road to taking home the Cup on June 4th, with Game 1 against the Los Angeles Kings or the Chicago Blackhawks.

The Rangers were the first NHL franchise in the United States to win the Stanley Cup, but have had long stretches between their four times taking it home. The last was in 1994, and before that 1940, 1933, and 1928. Last night the Empire State Building helped celebrate the victory by going red, white and blue for 30 minutes: