To no one's surprise, Rep. Charles Rangel's "advice" to President Obama (a Daily News reporter asked what Obama should do during his NYC visit)—"Make certain he doesn't run around in East Harlem unidentified," a reference to the fatal shooting of police officer Omar Edwards by another cop—made some waves. Mayor Bloomberg said today, "I have a lot of respect for Charlie Rangel, but in this case, he’s just plain wrong...This was a tragedy. Our Police Department is diverse and they train; sometimes things happen and they’re inexplicable. There’s no reason to suspect this had any racial overtones." And the Post, no fan of Rangel, called it a "sick joke" and got a quote from an unnamed police union official: "If Congressman Rangel said ... 'and waving a gun' he might be correct" (Edwards, who was off-duty, had his gun drawn when he was shot; he was pursing a man suspected of breaking into his car).