While Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY) faces possible censure (aka public humiliation for numerous ethics violations, he has also expressed hope that his colleagues will consider that he did not intend to bring disgrace on the House or enrich himself personally. Many outside the Beltway think he should be censured and then some, but his friends rallied for him yesterday. Former mayor David Dinkins said at a Harlem church, "He does not deserve any further punishment."

Dinkins, who was one of the "Gang of Four" with Rangel, expanded on his words with the Daily News, "It was painful" to watch Rangel last week in front of the House Ethics panel, "I love him. He's my brother... Please understand what has happened to this great, proud man. He has been humiliated. He really was, and he withstood it as well as any human can and now the issue in my mind is 'Should he be further penalized?'"

Assemblyman Keith Wright said, "The punishment does not fit the infraction," while City Councilman Robert Jackson said, "When you have family, you don't walk away from them." Censure is the strongest form of punishment the House can dole out short of expulsion.