The hand recount of the Democratic primary in the 13th District is finished, and Rep. Charlie Rangel leads challenger State Senator Adriano Espaillat by 990 votes. The vote was much closer than the initial count of 45-to-40%, but Henry Berger, a "longtime election lawyer," tells Capital's Azi Paybarah that "1,000 is not a close election."

According to the Times, Rangel is waiting for the results to be certified by the BOE before declaring victory. Espaillat's camp is claiming that several hundred ballots were wrongly tossed out, and points to a Daily News report that the BOE official overseeing the recount met privately with Rangel's people on the Saturday before the primary. Regardless of what transpired at the meeting, we can all agree: there's nothing America does better than elections. It appears that it'll be at least another two years before Charlie Rangel will end his career "with dignity."