Rep. Charles Rangel's fellow Democrats are clamoring to have him settle his ethics violations before the charges are officially announced on Thursday and avoid the spectacle of a public trial. According to Politico, "Fellow Democrats told POLITICO that they believe he’s dragging his feet in a futile effort at total vindication. Democrats worry that his stubbornness could add to their losses in November by helping Republicans, who have vowed to build a 'culture of corruption' narrative using ads, mailings and talking points." A source said, "Democrats don't want to give Republicans an opportunity this summer. Rangel is very well liked, but no one is willing to lose their seat or chairmanship over him."

He's so well-liked that even combative Rep. Peter King (R) had some nice words about him, telling the Daily News, "Charlie and I will never agree on 90% of anything, but when it came to New York issues, he worked with me, it didn't matter... The fact that he was a war hero and he never talked about it - that said something to me." Of course, King could just be secretly thrilled that Rangel's problems (the rent-stabilized apartments, the unreported income, helping preserve a tax loophole worth $500 million to an oil executive donating to a school named after Rangel) are catching up to him and it could help the GOP.

Rangel spoke to reporters over the weekend and today, saying, "Maybe, just maybe, I have evidence to prove that it's not substantive. But I don't want any special breaks" (Post), "I've never heard that concept if someone accuses you of something, why don't you just step aside so you don't embarrass anyone and admit to something that isn't true" (NY1), ” and "This is a very traumatic experience for me and for my family and my constituents. I can only hope that ... all the facts come out before my primary election, before my general election" (Maggie Haberman).