Two days before the House ethics committee is scheduled to release details of violations it is charging Rep. Charles Rangel (D-Harlem) with, the embattled Congressman is reportedly trying to make a deal. The Daily News reports that when House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Maryland) was asked about about the "closed-door talks on whether Rangel will accept a wrist-slap deal to avoid an 'adjudicatory process' similar to a trial," he said "everyone would like this to go away."

Hoyer also namechecked a rather infamous former Congressman, when he told reporters, “What I believed, and continue to believe, is that we have made the ethics process work. And we made it work in a meaningful way. And, in fact, when confronted with the prospect [of] the ethics committee proceeding, [former New York Rep. Eric Massa] decided he wanted to resign because he knew, as I think everybody knows, I think the Rangel issue is demonstrative of, is the ethics process is working in a meaningful way."

At first, Rangel was blustering to WCBS 2's Marcia Kramer, telling her, "What this means is that reporters have said why don't you resign, why don't you quit? And I have been saying why don't you wait and see what the facts are?" But then he said, "It's like a boil that's been building up for close to two years and it's gonna burst on Thursday. It may not be pleasant. It's painful to have to say 'no comment' when people are attacking the very reason that you exist."