Rep. Charles Rangel marched in yesterday's Dominican Day Parade and when he wasn't telling kids to stay in school— "No escuela. No dinero. No school. No money"—he did tell the Daily News, "It's not over till it's over - and negotiations can proceed before and during the so-called hearing." Yet he wouldn't confirm whether he already signed a deal that Republicans nixed.

Politico reported that Rangel had told community leaders in Harlem that he did sign a settlement deal over 13 charges that he violated House Ethics rules. But apparently Republicans rejected it, because a trial of a powerful Democratic Congressman during a mid-term election year is gold, baby, gold!

When asked about the report, Rangel said, "I did hear someone reported that... And I didn't hear anyone deny that." So, did he sign it? "Well, I wouldn't deny it if I didn't sign it either." Seriously, THIS GUY. But Rangel bragged that the parade was at the important topic of the day, "I mean, even Adam Powell [his father was unseated by Rangel in 1970] said something nice to me at the breakfast this morning. It [the parade] has to do with politics. It has to do with culture. It has to do with Washington Heights and it has to do with what America is all’s hard not to feel Dominican here today."