2006_11_rangel.jpgThanks to the Democrats' victories and their new control of the House of Representatives, Congressman Charles Rangel of Harlem will be the next chairman of the Ways & Means Committee in January. And he's already eying the real estate:

"Mr. Cheney enjoys an office on the second floor of the House of Representatives that [has] historically been designated for the Ways & Means Committee chairman. I talked with Nancy Pelosi this morning and I¹m trying to find some way, kind and gentle, to restore the dignity of that office to the chair."

Last week, Rangel ruffled some feathers when he called Vice President Cheney a son of a bitch. The Post devotes an editorial to that, saying "For shame," but Rangel said, "I take back saying that publicly. I should have reserved that for him when we were together privately. Believe me, he would have understood." Yeah, it's not like Rangel shot someone in the face or anything. Cheney did say that if Rangel became head of Ways & Means, the economy could tank.

The Observer had a good look at the power the Representatives from NY have yesterday. And the NY Times has an article about why singer John Hall of Orleans may have upset Representative Sue Kelly in the 19th district. (Last night, Hall was on the Colbert Show, singing the anthem; here's Colbert's earlier interview with Hall.)