Today seems like a comically bad day to commute by boat, but we're all about poor travel decisions around here, so why not? If you're in Greenpoint, though, forget it: The ramp leading up to the good ship at India Street seems to have collapsed into the water.

A spokesperson for the ferry is looking into the cause of the collapse, though our educated guess is "heavy ass snow" or "elves." Here's their statement:

East River Ferry service to and from the Greenpoint Pier is suspended until further notice as we continue to assess the cause of a gangway that detached this morning. A team of engineers will be sent to investigate the cause and repairs will be made as soon as possible. The safety of our passengers and the waterfront community is our number one concern and thankfully no injuries were reported.

Can a Citi Bike pick up enough speed to clear that icy moat? Stick around—someone around here is bound to try it eventually.