Well, December is certainly off to a rainy start. Precipitation has been recorded at the Central Park observing station every hour since 1 a.m. with lots more expected through the day. The storm, which is centered over Pennsylvania, is pretty wound up. High winds and heavy rain are expected through this evening. We may even see a rare December thunderstorm! Today's high will be close to 60 degrees.

If the storm is strong enough to pull heat and humidity all the way up here from the Gulf of Mexico it will also be strong enough to drag plenty of cold, dry Canadian air down this way once the cold front passes. That front looks like it will pass through town early this evening. Tomorrow's daytime high will be in the lower 40s.

There's not much to say about the weekend weather. The high pressure system that's moving in will bring us several days of mostly clear skies and slightly below normal temperatures. Look for highs in the mid 40s on Friday dipping toward 40 degrees on Sunday. It hasn't been that cool since late February.