autumn in the burg by jet200nyc on Flickr

How can it be sunny and overcast at the same time? That's today's weather conundrum. A layer of cirrus clouds will cover the sky for much of the day. At times the clouds will be thick enough to color the sky a milky white, yet thin enough that you'll still see your shadow. Because all New Yorkers are angels the thin, icy clouds may produce a halo around the sun.

The bigger picture looks a lot like last week. High pressure is moving out to sea to be quickly followed by a low arriving from the southeast. That means a rainy Thursday, especially in the afternoon and evening. Light rain is a good bet for Friday and showers are likely on Saturday. Highs should be in the mid 50s today, slightly lower tomorrow, and around 60 on Friday and Saturday as the storm drags southern air up this way.

The Canadian air mass that finally clears the rain out on Sunday will usher in the coldest air of the season. At this time it appears that highs next week will only reach the mid 40s.