ncar_vis.jpgThe weekend chill that continues today has been enough to drive the March temperature down below normal. Unless there's a totally unexpected heat wave this afternoon the average temperature of this month will be 42.3 degrees, or 0.2 degrees cooler than normal. That would make this month the coldest March since, uh, last March!

What's more likely than a heat wave today is drizzle and rain. As the high pressure system that brought sunny, cool weather to the city over the weekend slides east, warmer, moister air will arrive. The drizzle is already here and rain is almost certain to follow. The rain will dampen the season opener at Yankee Stadium but they should be able to get the game in. Today's high should be around 50.

There won't be much, if any, cooling tonight as a warm front moves through the city. April will start off very warm, tomorrow's high will be in the mid-60s. It will also be wet. Expect fog in the early morning followed by showers, and possibly a thunderstorm, from noon through the evening. Tomorrow's spring weather action is courtesy of a storm currently brewing over the southern Great Plains. The storm has to hustle to get here in a day so expect a breezy day tomorrow with gusts of 30-40 miles an hour. Cooler and calmer weather will return by Wednesday.

Cloudy New York State satellite image from the National Center for Atmospheric Research