Today's weather forecast is so stereotypical that it could have been pulled out of a textbook. A low pressure system is moving toward the northeast through Pennsylvania today. In quick succession we will see first a warm front and then a cold front pass through the city. Both those frontal passages up the potential for lots of rain today. Look for showers and thunderstorms through late afternoon. Some of the rain in those storms could be intense. We may see a bit of clearing late this afternoon after the warm front passes but before the cold front arrives. Depending on how much the skies clear, today's high will range from the lower 70s (likely) to upper 70s (possibly).

Showers and thunderstorms will return this evening as the cold front approaches. The second round of rain will be more scattered. Strong westerly winds will announce the arrival of the cold front as a cooler, drier air mass quickly fills in behind the departing storm. Winds will blow around 15-20 mph with higher gusts overnight. Will there be any leaves left on the trees to turn pretty colors this fall?

Breezy conditions will continue over the weekend. Some clouds may linger into tomorrow but it should be a mostly sunny day with a high around 65. Most of Sunday will be dry as a bone but the humidity will start rising late in the day as another cold front approaches. Look for rain late Sunday night and into Monday morning.