If you were caught in this morning's rain and thought it was heavy wait a few hours! A warm front is slowly making it's way northward today. Showers and thunderstorms ahead of the front should arrive this afternoon and last through the evening. The expected rain is heavy enough to warrant a flash flood watch but not enough to make 2009 the wettest June-July on record! Unless three inches of rain falls, 2009 willl have to settle for second place behind 1975. Less than six inches of rain is needed by the end of August for Central Park to have its rainiest summer ever. Hip hip hooray!

The high today may make the low 80s. With dew points in the mid 70s that is nearly unbearable.

High pressure moves in overnight, setting the stage for a very pleasant start to August. Tomorrow looks to be mostly sunny and much less humid with temperatures in the mid 80s. There's a good chance rain will return on Sunday. At the least, a morning warm front rapidly followed by an evening cold front, pretty much guarantees a cloudy day with a high in the low 80s.

Clear skies return on Monday following the cold front's passage. Weather.com's 10-day forecast calls for a high of 90 next Tuesday.