Is it just us or has this fall had an exceptional number of very pleasant days? In the six weeks since the equinox most days have had clear skies with only a handful of interruptions. That pattern will continue into the weekend. Today will again be sunny but a bit warmer than the past couple of days. Look for a high around 55.

A one-two punch of nor'easters will bring plenty of rain beginning early tomorrow morning. Be prepared for rain all day tomorrow and into tomorrow night. Rain will probably continue on through Friday morning before high pressure moves into town.

The weekend is shaping up to be clear and cool. If you are literally running around town on Sunday you can expect early morning temperatures in the mid 30s and a high that day in the upper 40s. We should take a warmer turn early next week.

Today's the anniversary of the Expedition Hurricane of 1861! According to the New-York Daily Tribune there was much flooding downtown, including "the bar-room in the basement of the Northern Hotel, on the corner of West and Courtlandt streets, was also flooded, and in order to serve their customers a small boat was brought into requisition to carry the parties to the bar, at a nominal charge of two cents per head; many availed themselves of the opportunity, as it was so novel and ludicrous." On Water Street, reports the Daily Tribune, "a class of persons 'waiting for Jack,' were driven from the basements in consternation." And, just to give everybody the shivers, "the tide had driven the rats from their hiding places in the piers, and it seemed as though every owner of a dog in town had brought his cur to make an onslaught on the vermin. The prey was plenteous, blackening timbers, filling feed-troughs, and crowding every place near the river." Luckily the terriers possessed a "keen zest" and "soon cleared away the terror stricken, which took to the water by hundreds."