The city remembered the sixth anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks yesterday with a subdued ceremony. First responders, including police officers, firefighters, and EMTs, read the 2,750 victims' names throughout the morning in Zuccotti Park, near the Ground Zero. Victims' families were allowed to descend a ramp into the "Pit" amid the construction of Ground Zero, where a temporary reflecting pool was placed. Mourners placed flowers in the pool and letters on the sides.

The ceremony's venue had changed from Ground Zero to the park to accommodate construction. One man whose brother-in-law, a firefighter, died on September 11, told the Post, "I don't like where it was, but I am grateful that they decided to allow us down there to the base. That was a great relief to us." However, Mayor Bloomberg has said this is the last year families will be able to do so, as redevelopment construction will essentially take over the whole site by next year.

Besides the ceremony's location change, the weather was rainy, unlike the rather beautiful September 11's in 2001 and until yesterday. The Daily News called the rain "tears from heaven." The News also noted that the ceremony's location change may have contributed to the lower attendance number, from 4,700 to 3,5000 people. Still, in spite of the frustrations of the new venue, many mourners appreciated simply hearing victims' names being read.

As in past years, former mayor Rudy Giuliani spoke during the ceremonies, though his status as a presidential candidate (and one who references 9/11 ad nauseum) caused some controversy. He was eloquent, saying, “On this day six years ago and on the days that followed in the midst of our great grief and turmoil, we also witnessed uncompromising strength and resilience as a people. It was a day with no answers, but with an unending line of those who came forward to try to help one another."

Photograph of 10-year-old Paige Pagan of the Bronx by Frank Franklin II/AP