First, PS 87 on the Upper West Side banned them—now Brooklyn's PS 107 has put the kibosh on Rainbow Loom bracelet-making kits, because students are way too invested in making their own rubbery accessories. Principal Eve Litwack told DNAinfo, "It's an addiction... It was like the kids couldn't live without it. It was just getting to the point where it was really crazy."

The bracelets, formerly known as TwistBandz, have become more and more popular lately, with industrious children who sometimes even sell their wares on NYC sidewalks (we bought one for $2 on Park Avenue!). However, Litwack revealed that children were preoccupied with making bracelets instead of physically exerting themselves on the playground. Also, DNAinfo reports, "In some cases, students were teasing each other about who had the Rainbow Loom kits and who didn't, leading to worries about 'haves and have nots' at P.S. 107, which is on Eighth Avenue and 14th Street."

But doesn't Litwack know that a mommy blogger/social networker thinks that Rainbow Loom Bracelets should be part of the curriculum? And Tucker Carlson thinks the bracelets are GREAT and that banning them is WRONG? Why are educators trying to stop CAPITALISM? Dalton probably already has a class on Rainbow Loom marketing!