Epic rains have caused some major problems for New York infrastructure, with torrential downpour on Long Island causing massive sinkholes, devouring family pets and poisoning beaches with untamed rivers of sewage.

The rains that left NYC only vaguely damp on Wednesday wreaked havoc upon Long Island, with record breaking rainfall overturning cars and contributing to at least one fatality, in which a driver on the Long Island Expressway near Melville smashed into a tractor-trailer and guardrail before his vehicle burst into flames.

In a Bayshore shopping plaza, the gaping maw of a giant sinkhole opened in the ground only seconds after a car passed over it.

A large, fluffy black Russian terrier named Yuri was also a casualty of the rains pummeling the area. The 120-pound pooch attempted to pause for a drink while on a walk with his owners in West Babylon, but his bulk proved no match for the pouring rain, and he was carried away in the rapids. A massive search effort ensued, and Yuri's body was recovered by a kayaker around two miles from where he went missing. His devastated owners cremated their pet shortly thereafter.

Area beaches were also soiled, with a total of 66 swimming spots in Suffolk County currently closed thanks to high bacteria levels, a result of swamped sewer systems sending its contents to mingle with the ocean. According to the Health Department, the deluge of filth should subside within 24 hours, but that's not soon enough for some visitors to Jones Beach. “I can’t even stand out on the beach and watch the waves. I’m a lot of upset after driving 4 hours to be here,” attempted beachgoer Scott Katen told CBS New York.

For a complete list of local beaches from which you can contract giardia, click here. There was an advisory for Coney Island's beaches earlier today, but apparently that's all cleared up and there's nothing at all to worry about!