Were you hoping to bust out of your fluorescent cubicle at 5 p.m. today and catapult straight into sun-soaked weekend activities? I regret to inform you that you might have to put those dreams of patio lunches and pickup park soccer on hold. April showers are coming down with a particular vengeance all throughout Friday, and it's set to be relatively gloomy for the next couple of days.

It's likely that we'll be seeing rain getting heavier as today goes on. Some thunderstorms in the late afternoon are also possible, according to the National Weather Service. Tonight isn't much better: It's looking like more showers, potentially another thunderstorm, then showers again, with rain accumulating up to half an inch. The temperature will hover around 61 at the highest, and dropping to a low of 50 degrees.

Okay, yeah! I see you clomping around in your Doc Martens, completely unfazed by the rain and braving the water sans umbrella. No one is doubting your iron will. Now here's where I tell you that NBC New York is ominously reporting that there's "a small chance that one or two storms could turn severe, producing gusty winds and a weak tornado," so take that as you will.

The Saturday forecast calls for a high of 60 under partly sunny skies, though the winds will be whipping along. It gets chillier Saturday night, with a low of around 45, so you probably shouldn't stash away your winter coats quite yet.

There's a good chance it'll rain again on Sunday afternoon, and it's mostly cloudy as the day goes on. It's not warm, either, with a high of 57 and the low plummeting to 42. Maybe Sunday's a good day to stay in and catch up on the MTA's arcade-esque video explaining how the L train slowdown is going to "work" starting this weekend.