The city got two inches of rain between 4PM and 6PM yesterday afternoon, and that's what seriously snarled most everyone's commute. There were delays on the 1, 2, 3, C, E, V, and F subway lines, causing some to compare it to the the transit strike, but with worse weather and actually attempting to take subways and buses and problems on the roads. The flooding was terrible - one cabby, with passenger, was stuck in a "massize lake that sprung up" on the 86th Street transverse in Central Park; the Post reported that debris had covered the drains, causing the flooding, and the police had to rescue them. And somehow, JFK Airport only got 0.2 inches of rain, while Newark had 90 minute delays and LaGuardia had 4 hour delays!

e-liz has a Flickr set of deluge photographs on 14th Street from yesterday, and gives an apt description for the yellow sky: "like a bruise"