2005_10_brokenbrolly.jpgMeteorologists are claiming that tomorrow will be clear and sunny (you know, the sun, who you may remember from such performance as "That beautiful weekend in the summer" and "That day nine days ago"), but we have one more soggy day to get through. Yesterday, 2.38 inches of rain fell, making October's total rainfall 11.34 inches, making these past two weeks the third wettest ("We're number three!") October and just two inches short of the rainiest October ever. And while troubles in the city seem bad - subway delays, leaks, questionable internet access, puddles that are much deeper than you'd think - at least it's not like the couple-feet-of-water flooding in NJ.

This photograph of an abandoned umbrella is from Hamish Robertson's Broken Umbrella Collection. He even has broken umbrella shirts, buttons and more at a Cafe Press store! As Newsday reports, umbrella "carcasses" have been dropping left and right in this weather; luckily the Department of Sanitation confirms that the umbrellas are not problematic in the garbage truck's compactor.

We've been wearing faux-Wellington boots we got from $30 from L.L. Bean four years ago. What are you doing to keep your feet dry?