The recent rainy spell inspired us to update ye olde cumulative precipitation graph. As you can see, spring was wet enough this year to carry a rainfall surplus well into a dryish summer. The rainfall deficit that accrued over those months has been wiped out by nearly six inches of rain in the past couple weeks. That's nothing compared to the 51 inches that fell on central Vietnam over the weekend.

Our most recent rain is pretty much out of the picture except maybe for the eastern end of Long Island this afternoon. The original low pressure system moved inland and starved overnight but a secondary system is gaining strength east of Montauk before moving toward Cape Cod. That calls for a mix of sun and clouds and a high in the mid 60s this afternoon.

Several days of sunny weather look to be on tap as high pressure moves over the northeast. It will be warmer too! At least for a couple of days. Highs Thursday and Friday are expected to reach the mid 70s. Saturday may also reach 70 degrees but Sunday and Monday look to be a bit cooler, but still sunny, following the passage of a dry cold front.