2005_10_rainyday.jpgMother Nature must have realized she ignored us during the summer, as yesterday's rainfall broke records and caused lots of problems. Over 3.5" inches of rain fell yesterday, and with rain on deck for today and tomorrow, it's possible October's rainfall will exceed the 10.53" that fell in July, August and September combined. The NY Times spoke to an AccuWeather meteorologist, who said with the winds coming, it'll be "our first really good northeaster." Well, there goes our $3 ($5 on rainy days) umbrella.

There were floods, a Bronx retaining wall that collapsed, and people using boats to get around. There were the inevitable subway service delays as well: The J train was stalled on the Williamsburg Bridge for almost an hour, a power outage above ground affected the 5 train, and the 1, 3, 6, A, C, and E faced issues as well. Better this than terror, we say!

Photograph from Newsday