Not as much rain as expected fell over the weekend. The 0.75 inches that did fall puts us within two inches of the June record. Breaking the record is going to be tough as the rainfall looks to be spotty for most of the week.

Take today for example. The weekend system has, as expected, become a cut-off low over the Atlantic. The city is on the western fringe of the storm, which means scattered showers and maybe a bit of sun on this, the first full day of summer. If the sun does shine we'll see a high near 80, otherwise look for the mid 70s. As is the nature of cut-off lows, this one will stick around for a few days. Look for tomorrow and Wednesday to be slightly warmer versions of today.

Thursday could be sunny and warm, high in the lower 80s, as the low finally moves toward Maine. A cold front on Friday may bring a thunderstorm, just in time for Lightning Safety Week. The front also appears to signal the beginning of the end of the rainy pattern. Saturday is currently looking to be sunny and warm with a high in the mid 80s.