wv_081007.jpgSo far today over an inch of rain has fallen on Central Park. Most of the rain, except apparently when Gothamist stepped outside for a late lunch, was of the slow steady variety. The low pressure system that brought us the rain is moving out to sea and the skies should dry up from west to east over the remainder of the day.

You might have noticed that it is cold outside. The temperature has been dropping all day as the jet stream, which was well to our north earlier in the week, has dipped to the south. That dip has allowed cold air to infiltrate our world. The record low for August 10th is 55 degrees set in 1879. It was down to 59 at 2 p.m., which is way, way cooler than forecast just a couple of hours ago (Gothamist is surprised an updated forecast hasn't been issued). Can we set a new record?

With tornadoes, torrential rains, extreme heat and humidity this week we could use a weather break. We're in luck! Tomorrow is promising to be partly cloudy with a high around 80. That's a few degrees cooler than normal but we'll take it. Sunday is looking even better. Expect a sunny and warm day with a high in the upper-80s. The sunny and warm weather looks like it will continue well into next week.

Water vapor satellite image showing that most of the atmosphere is dry above New York from the National Weather Service.