radar032808.jpgThere is a frontal boundary just south of the city this morning and a disturbance has been kicking off showers as it moves eastward along the front. We should see light rain over the next couple of hours. There's a tiny chance of a thundershower until mid-afternoon. Today's high temperature forecast is a total coin flip. If the warm front stays south of the city the high will remain in the mid-40s. If that front creeps far enough northward, even for just an hour or two, the temperature will jump to the mid-50s.

By this evening it looks like the front will be pushed to the south by a high pressure system sinking from the north. That will bring cooler, drier air to the region. Tonight is going to be brisk, with a low around freezing and enough of a breeze to put a nip in the air. Tomorrow will feel more like early March than late March. Despite sunny skies look for a high in the mid-40s and a strong northerly breeze. A sunny Sunday should be a bit warmer with a high around 50.

Rain is expected to return on Monday as March goes out like a soggy wool sweater. April showers begin on Tuesday, but early indications are for a warm day at least in the mid-50s.

Radar image from the National Weather Service