A lot more rain fell on the southern and eastern portions of the city yesterday than on the northern and western parts. Sheepshead Bay and Coney Island led the way with 2.81 inches, and other locations in southern Queens and Staten Island also observed more than two inches of rain. Less than 1.5 inches fell at LaGuardia, or in Astoria and Central Park. No station from the Bronx reported in. Surely there's a rain gauge at the Botanical Garden or Zoo, right?

The rain is pretty much confined to eastern Suffolk County this morning. Within the city limits we're looking at a mostly cloudy day, with maybe a cameo appearance or two by the sun, as the low pressure system gradually moves out to sea. The heavy cloud deck will keep today's high to the mid 70s. Drier air won't get here until sometime tomorrow, leaving us with a potentially foggy night tonight.

Several days of nothing but clear skies are in store once that fog burns off tomorrow morning. High pressure is expected to move across southern Canada and park itself over the Maritime Provinces through the weekend and probably well into next week. With winds off the ocean we can expect daily highs in the mid to upper 70s through Sunday. That high is likely to slowly move southeastward early next week, raising the temperatures into the lower 80s as we head toward the summer solstice.