Our long, nightmarish, stretch of fair weather is quickly coming to an end. A low pressure system, that is not a tropical system, is moving up the East Coast today and promises to bring rain as early as this afternoon and, more significantly, tonight. East winds ahead of the storm will keep the temperature in the lower sixties all day.

The coastal storm will bring a fair amount of rain overnight and well into tomorrow morning. As that storm exits it is going to drag a low currently over the Great Lakes our way. That second storm looks like it will produce another round of steady rain on Friday and Friday night. Highs Thursday and Friday are expected to be around 70 degrees, which is slightly warmer than normal for mid-October. The Wall Street Journal is concerned that the rain will "test" the OWS protesters. Because of all the cloud cover the morning lows will be around 60, which is way warmer than normal.

Look for things to quickly dry out over the weekend. A Canadian air mass is going to whoosh into town immediately following Friday's rain. That will usher in cooler, drier air with highs in the mid 60s, and lows around 50, on both Saturday and Sunday. Heck, probably Monday and Tuesday too.