Liberty Sunset by Danny L. at Flickr

Lots of weather action is in store for today. First, there's a chance of showers for the remainder of the morning. The showers are the remains of storms that formed last night over Pennsylvania. The clouds from those storms will keep today cooler than originally anticipated. Expect a high in the mid 80s. This afternoon's rain is almost a certainty as Gothamist forgot to bring an umbrella to work.

An approaching cold front should lead to showers and thunderstorms this afternoon and evening. Some of the rain may be intense, but any severe weather is expected to occur north of the city. The chance of rain and thunder will last until the cold front arrives around midnight.

The air mass behind the cold front is much less humid. Tomorrow and Friday should be warm and sunny, with highs in the mid 80s. By Saturday winds should become more southerly and the humidity will be back. The next chance of rain is Sunday night at the earliest.