Newark Airport, known for its reasonable flight prices but a completely unreasonable commute, will get just a little bit closer to New York: starting hopefully in 2024, the Port Authority will start running PATH trains from Manhattan directly to Newark Airport.

The ten-year project will construct the two miles of new track needed to provide a direct rail connection between Manhattan and Newark. Currently, the best options are taking NJTransit from Penn Station to the Newark Air Train to the airport, or the PATH from Manhattan to Newark’s Penn Station, with a transfer to another train to the airport.

“It is good for New York,” the Global Gateway Alliance, a group that focuses on improving airports in New York and New Jersey (good luck!) said in a statement [ pdf]. “It is good for New Jersey. But most of all, it's good for residents, businesses and visitors alike and will help bring us into the league of other world class cities with modern mass transportation to airports.”

The $1.5 billion budget includes the purchasing the property needed to build the rail line, as well as the cost of construction. The rail line could make Newark a much easier airport to get to from Manhattan, with a trip to the Newark AirTrain possibly being quicker than the commute to JFK. LaGuardia, for whatever reason, still has no rail connection. The PATH system currently has six stations below 34th street in New York City.