The Board of Elections has told us that investigating the exchange of raffle tickets for votes currently happening in South Williamsburg is not their responsibility, because the raffle is being conducted more than 100 feet away from the polling location. "It's a law enforcement issue, not a BOE issue," a spokesman said.

The law enforcement that would be responsible for investigating this possible felony would be District Attorney Charles Hynes, the same man whom the ultra-orthodox community continues to overwhelmingly support at the polls against challenger Ken Thompson.

A former Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney told Gothamist, "This raffle has been going on for years. Everybody knows about it, but no one is going to put a stop to it. Hynes is just a politician, not a District Attorney." The former DA added, "He just needs their votes. He's a figurehead."

A spokesman for Brooklyn DA's office said he wasn't aware of any reports of voting impropriety or voter fraud brought to the office's attention today.

In addition to the supposedly UJO-affiliated raffle we reported on earlier, we found a separate raffle run by the smaller Ahrony sect outside the polling station at the Independence Towers on the intersection of Bedford and Wilson in South Williamsburg.

They also support Hynes for DA, but endorsed Bill de Blasio rather than Bill Thompson for mayor. Instead of offering $250 and gift certificates, the Ahrony sect's raffle gives voters a chance at discounted tuition at a local yeshiva for people who vote for the group's endorsed candidates.

This explicit quid-pro-quo was explained to us by the raffle's volunteers—teenagers who said they were bused in from yeshivas in New Jersey and were swigging cans of Hoegaarden as they manned the tables. The volunteers, who declined to give their names, said that voters can enter the raffle once they've received proof that they've voted.

A spokesperson for State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said their office had no comment on the raffles.

Additional reporting by Christopher Robbins