photo by on flickr

Just months after Calvin Klein pulled down a risqué billboard amidst complaints from neighbors and a Christian advocacy group, the jeans and skivvies manufacturer has installed a new ad on the same wall that has once again sparked controversy among the prudes in SoHo, according to the Daily News. Filling a space that recently depicted a denim-clad threesome (or foursome depending on your perspective), the new ad shows a sweaty Eva Mendes in lingerie tugging at a male model's briefs.

The heterosexual scene shows too much semi-nude action, according to 55-year-old MTA worker Carl Wilson. "Some of us don't want to expose our kids to something like this — it's borderline pornography." But 24-year-old Carlos Gamez, who works down the block at the Adidas store, said the ad is nothing if not effective: "I think it's sexy as hell," he said. "It makes me want to go out and buy some drawers like that."