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Posted by Karim Metwaly on Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Trump supporter's racist verbal abuse of a Moroccan Uber driver while stopped in traffic in Astoria was caught on camera on Thursday. The man's hateful remarks (video above) went as follows:

You fuckin' Arab mothafucka, terrorist fucking cocksucka. I don't care, bro, video. You're a loser. You don't even—from here, you mothafucka. Fucking loser. Fuck you and your family, you terrorist motherfucker. Video all you want. You're a loser. You're an Arab. You're a fucking loser. Sand nigger. Exactly, video. What is that gonna do? What is that gonna do? Trump is president, asshole, so you can kiss your fuckin' visa goodbye, scumbag. We'll deport you soon, don't worry, you fuckin' terrorist. Oh my god, I'm so scared. What'd ya, steal it? You fuckin' Arab fuck.

The Washington Post

spoke to a St. John's University professor named Chris Cody, who said that he caught a ride from the driver, Mohammed, shortly after the incident, and that Mohammed opened up after Cody greeted him in Arabic, and reluctantly agreed to send him the video to share on Facebook.

Cody believes the abuse was unprovoked. "I could tell he was upset," Cody told the paper. "He didn’t tell me exactly why he decided to take a video. I think he was just so shocked by what happened."

The tirade in Queens is one of a string of incidents of harassment and bigoted attacks that have surged into public view since Donald Trump won the election 12 days ago. Trump claimed ignorance of the widespread reports in a 60 Minutes interview the Friday after the election, saying he had heard of only "a very small amount." He added, "If it helps, stop it."

Since then, Trump has done the opposite of assuaging concerns that he would follow through on his extreme campaign rhetoric by tapping Stephen Bannon, who ran the white-nationalist favorite Breitbart News until being hired to run the Trump campaign, as his top presidential advisor; Ken Blackwell, a believer in so-called conversion therapy, in which gay people are tortured into repressing their sexual orientation, as head of his transition team; and Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, denied confirmation as a federal judge in the 1980s over his record as a racist, as his attorney general, among others.

Stephen Bannon has drawn the most attention, because his proclaimed views are the closest to overt sieg-heiling: he has said, for example, that black people are getting shot by the police in high numbers because they are "naturally aggressive and violent," and Mother Jones reports that he appears to be a member of a Facebook group where black people are openly referred to as "niggers," and posts have been made calling for President Obama's execution, and for a military coup.

The Southern Poverty Law Center said on Friday that it had tallied 701 incidents of biased intimidation and harassment since Election Day, though it cautioned that not all of them could be independently verified. Many were reportedly committed in Trump's name (the center also recorded 27 reports of anti-Trump-motivated assaults and harassment). In New York, the incidents numbered more than 45, the third-most of any state, behind Texas and California, in keeping with the three states' rankings as the most populous in the country. It's unclear if those numbers include the painting, etching, and display of several swastikas in prominent places around New York City, the attack on a woman at a Brooklyn bar by a Trump supporter upset with her political views, or the verbal abuse directed at the Uber driver.

Police Commissioner James O'Neill said Wednesday that bias crimes are up 32 percent so far this year, with 328 incidents so far compared to 250 during the same period last year. Hate crimes against Muslims are up from 12 to 25 so far, and anti-Semitic crimes, typically the most common type, are up to 111, from 102.

On Saturday, the New York Times reported that more than 200 members of the radical political movement euphemistically dubbed the alt-right gathered in a federal building a few blocks from the White House and, after a day of downplaying the more overtly racist and violent parts of their worldview for much of the day, let their Nazism out on display, quoting Nazi propaganda in English and German, and chanting, "Heil the people! Heil victory!" with a handful of Nazi salutes thrown in. (Here's disturbing video.)

Richard Spencer, a leader of the white-power proceedings, called white people "children of the sun," and said that white identity is at the core of Trump's support, even if most Trump voters "aren’t willing to articulate it as such." Spencer also said that reports of a rise in hate crimes shows "how unhinged the press and the chattering classes have become."

"We are told of the massive rush of hate crimes against non-whites by evil racists emboldened by Trump's victory," Spencer said in his speech. "Amazingly, these crimes have never been captured on video."

Since winning, Trump has used his platform of 15.7 million Twitter followers to denounce a lot of things, mainly First-Amendment-protected criticism of him, but not bigotry and violence in his name.

Last week, Governor Andrew Cuomo created a hotline for people to report bias-based harassment and intimidation. The number is (888) 392-3644, and the hotline is supposed to be operational from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The hotline will be run by the state police, SUNY police, and state Division of Human Rights. People who are afraid for their safety or believe they have been the victims of crimes should call 911.

Mayor Bill de Blasio is discussing "the way forward" in an address at Cooper Union now.