Bronx officials are warning residents about a new hate group attempting to recruit members in Woodlawn, after several racist flyers promoting a "demonstration of White Strength" appeared in the Bronx neighborhood this week.

The flyers—which railed against the "invasion of Black thugs" and Muslims who "enslave and rape our women and children"—were found in Van Cortlandt Park, on Nursery Road, and in the Woodlawn Dog Run, residents said. Under the heading "White Excellence," they called on "American and European men" to unite in "defense of their heritage" through weekly public appearances.

"Every Wednesday to show you're here wear a white Hat/Shirt or both while eating and drinking on Katonah Ave.," the posters read. "First official day to demonstrate of White Strength is Nov.14th Meets will be coming soon [sic]."

According to state Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, at least three flyers were discovered on Thursday. Each was quickly taken down, the assemblyman said, noting that local residents and Bronx politicians will not tolerate "the attempted creation of a new hate group in Woodlawn."

"In my opinion, the person or people responsible have been ginned up by Donald Trump and his supporters who would rather see our country return to the days when only land-owning white males were allowed to vote," Dinowitz said in a statement. "Hatred must always be condemned and I know that the good people of Woodlawn would be disgusted by these racist losers.”

Ed Garćia Conde, a Bronx resident who first reported on the flyers for his blog, Welcome2The Bronx, said it's not exactly a shock to hear about racism in Woodlawn.

"If this was in South Bronx we'd be surprised. But Woodlawn? No not really," he told Gothamist. "For people of color, we don't feel quite comfortable there. It doesn't feel as bad as it was in the past, but it's still in the air. Maybe not like it was 20 or 30 years ago."

He pointed out that the north Bronx neighborhood is largely separated from the rest of the borough by Van Cortlandt Park, a sprawling cemetery, and the Bronx River. While it's long been a predominantly Irish-American community, the neighborhood's demographics have shifted in recent decades, and as of 2016 the population was majority nonwhite.

"The flyer could be one or two people," Garćia Conde added. "But when you peruse the groups on Facebook, you see a lot of people talking about the 'good old days,' and how the neighborhood is changing. It's always white people saying that. We know what they mean."

The NYPD's Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating the flyers. At a briefing on Wednesday, the department said that 309 hate crimes had reported so far this year—up from 297 over the same period in 2017. Asked about the rise in reported hate crimes over the last two years, Police Commissioner James O'Neill blamed the "current atmosphere."

Last week, the African Burial Ground Monument in lower Manhattan was vandalized with the message "kill all n-ggers." An investigation is ongoing and no suspect has been publicly identified.