For the second time in a week, a berserk racist has been caught on tape lashing out at fellow bus-riders, and threatening to have them deported by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

In the above video, which appears to have been shot on an MTA bus, a woman who introduces herself as Ashley proudly taunts a fellow rider in a headscarf, before telling her that she doesn't have rights. She then claims that ICE is waiting for her.

The 30-second clip begins with Ashley singing, "You no citizen, You no citizen. You don't speak English." The target of her ridicule then seems to respond, though it's unclear what the person says.

The bigoted tormenter soon turns her attention to the person filming. "Hi I'm Ashley, if you're taping me," she declares. "I'm getting into a fight with some Muslim chick because she has an attitude. She thinks she has rights that she doesn't have."

The video ends moments after Ashley announces to the crowded bus, "Immigration at the door. Oh wait, is that ICE? Oh mama, they here for you."

According to the Redditor who uploaded the video, the confrontation began after the woman in the headscarf entered the back door of the bus with a baby carriage. After accidentally triggering the bus's proximity alarm, a third person screamed to "GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM THE DOOR." It was at that point that Ashley began to "talk shit loudly at the woman with the baby carriage."

The last instance of unhinged bus xenophobia ended with the arrest of Anne Marie Messiano, who told a bus driver in Rockland County to "Get out of my fucking country," before allegedly attempting to choke a bystander who was filming.

We were not able to determine whether Ashley faced any charges. We'll update if more information becomes available.

Update: The person who took the video tells Gothamist that the incident was filmed on the S53 bus going from Bay Ridge to Staten Island. According to the cameraman, the Islamophobic aggressor claimed that the woman in the headscarf gave her a dirty look after she screamed at her to move away from the bus's door.

"The screaming woman then begins to spew Muslim stereotypes, and says to the woman with the stroller that 'ICE should take her kids away,'" the tipster tells us. "I believe at this point the woman with the stroller told the screaming woman something along the lines of 'you're an immigrant too,' at which point I turned on my phone's camera."

He added, "A short time after the video ends, the bus driver intervenes over the intercom and the situation is defused. My stop came shortly after; so I don't know if there were any further incidents."