111108hit.jpgA black security supervisor is suing the owner of a Times Square office building after being allegedly subjected to racist remarks on a daily basis by Wayne Kohlbrecher, the building manager. Now-unemployed security manager Godfrey Williams accuses Kohlbrecher of spewing invective like: "'This is why you are here . . . I don't want these f**king spics, sambos, chimps coming up here!' Kohlbrecher is also accused of greeting Williams with a Hitler salute and saying 'Heil Hitler.' Worse, Kohlbrecher allegedly told Williams, 'This is my f**king plantation! I run it like I want to because I can crack a mean whip, I can cut the flesh from the bone. I heat a hot oven. I like the smell of flesh.'" Wow, those office holiday parties must have been crazy! And who could forget the time Kohlbrecher (allegedly) declared: "We don't owe you black people anything. You need to understand that when we throw you people a bone, you should be grateful." The Observer has more of Kohlbrecher's workplace aphorisms, which would make a really great line of racist Successories posters.