It appears the Holy powers that be have taken note of Frank Borzellieri, who has been the principal of Our Lady of Mount Carmel School in the Bronx for the past two years and has also published material with American Renaissance, a white supremacy group. Borzellieri is now under investigation by the Archdiocese of New York. A spokesman for the diocese says, "Any form of discrimination or bigotry is inconsistent with Catholic teaching." Other teachers complained about him while he was teaching at St. Barnabas High School, but the principal at the time tells the Daily News, "Frank was certainly in his right to say it and it wasn't against the church teaching, so it didn't affect his status at St. Barnabas." Well, which is it? Better ask the Pope! Actually, maybe not.

While teachers complained about Borzellieri at St. Barnabas, the spokesman for the diocese says there are no complaints in his "work file" regarding his performance at either St. Barnabas or Our Lady of Mount Carmel. "Since questions were first raised by a reporter regarding certain writings of Mr. Borzellieri, the superintendent of schools' office has been reviewing the matter with him and the pastor of the parish that hired him." That pastor, Rev. Eric Rapaglia, said of Borzellieri's books: "A lot of his ideas would actually benefit minorities."

Hear are some of the ideas proffered by the principal of a Catholic school that has a majority of Hispanic and black students in the Bronx, courtesy of Borzellieri's book, "The Unspoken Truth: Race, Culture and Other Taboos." Italics are his:

The problem with the idea that diversity is a strength is not only that there is absolutely no evidence to substantiate it, but that all the evidence supports the exact opposite conclusion. Even the most cursory glance at life in America reveals that diversity is a weakness, a hindrance and a terrible burden…Because of diversity, educators are forced to develop different instructional methods, tens of millions of dollars are spent on worthless bilingual education programs, and violence and friction among ethnic groups becomes widespread. Some strength.