Frank Borzellieri, whose controversial ideas on race and ties to a white supremacy group outraged many because he was principal of a Bronx Catholic school with a majority of Hispanic and black students, was fired earlier today. "This decision was reached following a thorough internal review of his opinions and beliefs as expressed in his books and columns, and a discussion with Mr. Borzellieri himself," Archdiocese spokesman Joseph Zwilling tells the Daily News. Man, they finished Borzellieri's entire oeuvre in just two days? They're like Game of Thrones, but racist!

On Sunday, the same day that the Daily News first reported Borzellieri's ties to the white supremacy publication American Renaissance, an outraged man interrupted mass at Our Lady of Mount Carmel where Borzellieri was principal, telling the congregation, "This church hired a racist. This church does not like Hispanics and blacks." Zwilling noted that Borzellieri's books and beliefs "were found to be incompatible with the philosophy and practices" of the school and the church. No word on whether the priest who hired Borzellieri, Father Eric Rapaglia, has been disciplined in the matter.