Gregory Hodge; Photo - NY PostWho the hell are these idiots? Some drunken idiots beat up a Sikh cab driver and his family in Woodside, Queens, outside their apartment. The thugs yelled at the turbaned cabbie, "Get out of here, bin Laden, go back to your country or we'll kill you." Passing pizza deliveryman Gregory Hodge yelled at the drunks to stop; Hodge tells the Post, "You see this a lot in this neighborhood. You get a few drunk guys and they get beer muscles."

The Daily News goes at lengths to explain what Sikhism is: Sikhism originated in South Asia and is not related to Islam. It requires men to cover their hair, which they cannot trim...bigots often mistakenly attack Sikh men because they associate turbans with Arab terrorists. (Brother, Gothamist is as paranoid as the next New Yorker, but come on, Daily News, as well as other tabs, you really need to go the next step in also saying that "Not all Muslims are Arab terrorists," 'cause your readership, like it or not, is made up of men like those drunken fools as well as others. It's wrong to leave so much open to suggestion.)

Hate crimes are no new news, nor are hate crimes based on mistakes, such as when Detroit autoworkers beat and killed a Chinese man, Vincent Chin, in 1982, because they thought he was Japanese and thereby taking away their jobs. On a much much much smaller scale, Gothamist can also attest here's nothing like having a slur written on one's high school locker - except when it's the racial slur for the wrong ethnic group.