Original photo via andrewodom's flickr

It isn't surprising that a raccoon was discovered inside of the Brooklyn Public Library, it was probably trying to escape certain death in Prospect Park! WNYC reports that the animal was recently spotted in the basement by the library's maintenance crew, and the area has been shut down to staff since Friday. Since that time, Animal Care and Control has come in, and the library brought in a private pest service to put down traps, but the little guy hasn't been seen since!

The storage space the raccoon was found rummaging in houses the library's surplus books and canisters of microfilm, meaning staff has not been unable to retrieve items stored there for patrons. Spokeswoman Malika Granville says they closed off the section to "minimize contact between humans and animals," but it will reopen later this week after an animal control expert gives them the all clear. Still, you might want to watch out for your ankles, library card holders.