If swine flu has taught us anything, it's confirmed our longstanding rejection of pigs as disgusting, immoral creatures who should be kept in their enclosed pens at all costs. But adorable, style-influencing raccoons who live peacefully among us, snacking on our garbage and mysteriously leaving footprints on our cars overnight should be nothing to worry about, right? Not so says the Daily News! The paper reports on Raccoon Ringworm, the latest "rare, deadly disease" spreading itself through the area. Thus far an infant has suffered brain damage (in October), a Brooklyn teen been blinded (in January) annnnnd...well, that's it. The disease is contracted by consumption of infected raccoon feces. One mother tells the News, "When they're slightly out of sight, they're going to pick up something in the course of their normal behavior and put their filthy hands in their mouths." A reader tipped us off that it's actually roundworm, which the CDC suggests can be avoided by not adopting raccoons.