Raccoons are either preparing for some kind of animal takeover of the human race (what else were they in the library for), or they just really want our cereal and prime Brooklyn real estate. Either way, this story might put the fear in some Brownstone-dwellers. A FIPS reader sent in this photo with an equally crazy story; head over here for the full tale, but to summarize: the raccoon is calling from inside the building!

This kitchen is on the 3rd floor of a brownstone, in which the same tenants live on the 3rd and 4th floors. When one of them awoke, they came upon this scene—as well as a huge mess in the kitchen. They believe the raccoon got in by making a hole in the screen of a nearby window. The horrible thing is, this raccoon in the photo isn't trying to get out of the silverware drawer, it actually died trying to. The tenants said, "it must have gotten its head out and then suffocated as it couldn't get its body out. So, the raccoon was dead by the time we 
got up in the morning and its body was still in the cabinet." Oh, but it gets ever more sad! "In the morning, its baby was outside on the fire escape sleeping! My landlady got a pest control company to remove the raccoon while we were at work and we haven't seen the baby again."

That orphaned raccoon will now spend the rest of its life seeking revenge, either that or it also died and its ghost will spend eternity haunting brownstones.