The raccoon look was back in SoHo today. No, that' doesn't mean Gossip Girl was filming a Little J scene at Uniqlo—we mean there literally was a raccoon inside the John Varvatos store on Spring and Greene. Gawker reports: "According to the nice lady I talked to when I called, animal control sadly took him away before they had time to name him, after a significant crowd had gathered outside. No idea how he got in, and she had no idea where they took him to." The website got tipped off by Cheryl Tan, who spotted the raccoon and did what any responsible citizen journalist does these days—Twitpicked it up ASAP. Along with the shot, she tweeted, "A raccoon just snuck into John Varvatos in SoHo-they swear it's not being kept for future fur collar." Does anyone else get the feeling PETA could be involved with this?