It might be time to worry about a raccoon takeover of the city. Earlier today one of them outsmarted the humans, escaping their clutches after being caught on the roof of City Hall. 1010Wins reports back that "he quickly figured out his getaway—reaching up and bending back the top of the cage. He then got to the ground by climbing down some construction scaffolding on the back side of City Hall. He eluded animal control for more than half an hour as he crept along the bottom of the wall."

The 25-pounder's lucky streak ended, however, and he was caught a second time. His captors dubbed him Houdini, and authorities have said he's showing no sign of rabies.

Earlier this year a raccoon was spotted browsing the goods at John Varvatos, right before the Department of Health announced that rabies-infected raccoons (and other animals) may be romping around all five boroughs.