Was Prospect Park built on an animal spirit burial ground or something? The tragedies have been steadily piling up there all year, and now City Room reports that a rabid raccoon was found dead near the lake last Thursday. Maybe (s)he's been behind all the other animal massacres?

The health department says they've tested only 7 raccoons in the area this year, which in comparison to the Central Park number seems way out of proportion. Titze says they are just throwing dead animals in garbage trucks, and when they are left "untested... to decompose in a city park where children and dogs might stumble upon them, are a serious health hazard." One Brooklynian poster backed up Titze's undercounting claim, saying: "I've reported 2 different dead raccoons in the last couple of weeks and had a heck of a time getting anyone to actually do anything (I was under the impression that the city wanted to test them due to the recent outbreak)." Be careful Brooklynites, those suckers know how to break into brownstones.