It's very rare that one gets busted for jaywalking in this city, but the NY Post reports that Rabbi Sholom Emert was ticketed after getting caught crossing the street improperly last Friday... and he is pissed. Why? He was forced to write his name down by the cop, which is against the rules on the Sabbath; he told the paper, "This was the first time in my life I broke the Sabbath. It was disgraceful."

Emert wasn't carrying identification, and says the cop told him "You have to write [your name] down, and it has to be done very neatly so I can read it. If I can't read it, I'm going to have to take you in." Though Emert explained, " I can't write today," he was still forced to do it because he "had no choice. When someone [threatens to] put you in cuffs, you can be [detained for] 24 hours. I have a wife and four kids at home." Things to think about before breaking the law?